Pour & Roll Hot Bitument Felt System

Pour and Roll method is the process of bonding a layer of felt in a layer bitumen.

The bitumen is heated to 240 c which is then spread over the roof area where working and the felt rolled into the bitumen to create a seal, this proceed is continued to make the roof weather tight.

The 1st layer is scattered nailed to the decking using 20mm clout nails. Sometimes the 1st layer could be a 3G perforated felt if using over ridged insulation (WARM ROOF CONSTRUCTION) before applying the 2nd layer in bitumen.

You can either have a mineral finish or a limestone chipping finish.

Therefore, the first waterproofing layer is usually partially bonded. This can be achieved by using one of the following methods:

Providing a perforated underfelt, for example Type 3G, laid loose over the decking or over rigid insulation boards before applying the bitumen.

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