Warm Roof Constructions

Warm Roof construction is a rigid insulation board which is specially made for flat roofs, This is mechanically fixed or adhered  to decking which is above the joists.

The warm roof construction installation is to comply with building regulation 2010. This is only applicable on roofs which is above accommodation ( Heated Rooms).

By installing a warm roof construction this will also make the room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This will help you save money on heating bills and have a thermal comfort in that room.

The Installation

  • Install a vapour control barrier to the decking, this will act as a barrier so no condensation gets to the underside of the insulation
  • Timber kerb the thickness of the insulation specified is fixed to the perimeter of roof to create a hard edge.
  • Mechanically  fix insulation or adhered to decking laid in a staggered formation.
  • Chosen membrane installed over insulation.
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